Sunday, September 16, 2018

Flow:  395
Water Temp:  61
From the Ridiculous To The Sublime
I met Corey and his son Reid at the Nature Center, suited up and headed for the Hundred  Yard Run.  The air temperature was a cool 59 degrees and the water was clear.  After some basic lessons on tension casting they began to hook up on small rainbows rising to a very small BWO hatch.  They were losing fish due to improper hook sets and only landed small bows.  I began switching flies and Reid landed the “ridiculous” bow in the college on an Olive BH Hares Ear.  Soon after Corey landed a beautiful 17 in fatty bow on guess what?  “Sublime” Olive BH Hares Ear.  It was the only fly that any fish were taking.  Corey hooked up on a hugh bow that popped off on the same fly.  Over all it was a great day on the water.  I shut down the trip when the water approached 65 degrees.  It sure was fun guiding Corey and Reid and they learned a lot.

Tight Lines

Saturday, August 18, 2018

August 15, 2018
Flow: (yes, 76)
Water temp: 61-65

With construction going on the water can turn black in a moment if the backhoes are working upstream and so far, we have not seen any fish kill because of the high turbidity.  With these unusual low flows for summer we are fishing early to ensure the trout stay healthy and it’s working.  Wet wading is very comfortable. The early bite has been good  with BH Pheasant Tail SZ 18, SZ 20 Grey BH midge and the ubiquitous san juan worm. If you travel here to fish plan for changing conditions and fish early and cover a lot of water. Today the big trout preferred mid fast seams at around three feet deep.
As always we want to thank our guests that have made this such a fun ride.
Tight lines,
Ben and Lou

Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 20, 2018
Flow: 580
Water Temp: 54-64
Sunday I had a trip with some great folks, Tom and Arthur, in the six hundreds with a great day of fishing and lessons in cold clear water. Today I went out to survey the river at 490 and had one of those exceptional days where the trout are willing, plentiful and hard fighting. These low flows this time of year should be worrisome but with the long winter we’ve had and a full lake above I don’t expext any problems. The fact is today is the first day of the summer I wet waded. The first step in I squealed like a wee lad but after the first hearty eighteen incher was in the net I didn’t feel much.
20 zebra midges were pretty exclusive today as the go to bug, even worn down to just black thread.
Get your trip on now when the flows down and as always, this two man crew needs your support.
Tight  lines,
Ben, Lou and always in our hearts Diamond

Friday, April 20, 2018

April 19, 2018
Flow: 376
Water Temp: 43-54
Hi there, fly fishing fans, career angles, trout junkies, and neophytes. We are in the last weeks of wadeable flows for the season but I hope the high flows won’t be as drastic this summer and we can get back to work ASAP. The last week or so has shown a great dichotomy of species, takes and aggressiveness during the fight. I’ve seen more little bass in the last few sessions than I’ve seen in a long time. The water is clear and during “prime time” the trout are feeding on our rivers extensive BWO hatch. Any pattern similar will do you well. But with the clarity you need to work upstream with caution. Trout are all over the river so fishing new runs can be advantageous. BWO risers and spinners are getting good results. But then, again, I had a superb take on a purple egg sucking leach. This is the time of year to carry three rods but Sight more than you fish.
Study, plan and think about your presentations. An olive RS2, Loop wing emerger or green copper john enticed great takes.
Tight lines, Ben

Monday, January 15, 2018

Flow: 97.4 CFS
Water Temp: 38-41
New beginnings,
2017 was not a year that I will treasure. I closed a business laying off eight hard working people, decided to try driving a cab to learn something new and add to my repertoire. That work did teach me something and I should have had a shorter tenure for poor employers but twelve hour graveyard shifts take the wind out of your sails. 2017 ended with the loss of my fishing buddy and wonderful dog Diamond. My guiding time was greatly diminished but I had a short number of great guests. I have to tip my hat to Lou for taking the reins and putting in the work. So in summary 2017 as a year should write up a report, print it out, fold it up to nothing but corners and put it up its hooha.
2018 is looking up. I’m back to a gainful employer that understands guiding comes first and we’re really getting into winter fishing now. As usual for the river fishing becomes extremely technical for a month or so as we  reach our lowest temperatures and sunlight. And then we get to fish the comeback. That being said I can’t remember a grand slam in January. After a fun but disheartening day Saturday I did some thinking, study and planning time to choose my spot and presentation. The result was a nice smallmouth bass, a few nice trout and two walleye.
The lesson is; attitude and activity will win the day. Fish hard with a soft cast. You can put trout down fast in gin clear water. Measure twice, cast once. Carry two rods and be ready for some fun with dries.
Tight lines,