Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 August 20, 2012
Flow: 128
Water Temp: 66 and falling
The dog days of summer are behind us for the most part and we have endured the worst drought in many years. Our big piece of luck was a good spring season that warmed the lake gradually. Most years we have hot and cold snaps that churn up the thermal cline and mix up the lake. This year the cold water dropped straight to the bottom and fed us the 58 degree lifeblood that allows trout to thrive. Fishing has been great in the upper half of the tailwater fishing itty bitty nymphs (18-20) below attractors and dialing in your depth. Trout are still everywhere so don’t pass up anything that looks fishy. I tried a plethora of patterns and really can’t say one produced more than any other so use your comfort flies. We are grateful for all your support and reports on the lower sections where water temperatures hit critical many times. To show our thanks we will be hosting a great independent film “Where the Yellowstone Goes” Saturday, October 27th at the Damon Runyon Theater in Pueblo. The film follows a team floating 400 miles over 30 days down the longest undammed river in the lower 48. The filmmaker will present prior to the showing and following the film we will hold a guide auction with proceeds benefiting Trout Unlimited and our ongoing projects on the Ark. The theater features a full bar and we plan on having a great time with you and this wonderful community that’s made achieving our goals easier than we ever imagined. Click the picture to order your tickets now.
Thanks in advance and as always tight lines,
Ben and Lou

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